[Guide] 14 Effective Ad Templates and 100+ examples


Burning your budget on ads that don't drive conversions? Feeling lost and frustrated by lack of progress?

CMOs, VPs of marketing, and growth leads everywhere should already be applying the knowledge in this deck to go from losing money to ad platforms to scaling profitable customer acquisition through them.

Give this deck 10 minutes. It's filled with examples of ad concepts that top DTC and tech advertisers have been using over and over again to achieve their marketing goals on facebook, Instagram, and tiktok. You'll come out on the other end filled with new ideas for your creative team.

So start testing new ideas, learning more about what messaging and formats work, and getting more return out of your ad investment that you can invest into other areas of your team.

It's 100% free - so just pop $0 into the price field.

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I'm Alvin and I’ve worked on growth for the last 9 years. Most recently, leading growth marketing at Airbnb and Upwork. COVID changed everything - and for the last 2 years, I've been building the growth marketing agency that I wish I had when I was in-house.

I share more on: www.twitter.com/alvinding & https://alvinding.substack.com/ 
Knowledge offerings: www.adsbyalvin.com
Who I am: www.linkedin.com/in/alvinding

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[Guide] 14 Effective Ad Templates and 100+ examples

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