[Guide] 10+ Hook Ideas to Spike CTR


Are your CPCs $3+? Are your CTRs below 0.8%?

People are scrolling right by your content.

Pop into this deck and take a peek at how you can write stronger hooks to get people clicking, watching, and ultimately converting. If you're a marketing leader responsible for results, spend 10 minutes now to improve your top-of-funnel engagement.

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I'm Alvin and I’ve worked on growth for the last 9 years. Most recently, leading growth marketing at Airbnb and Upwork. COVID changed everything - and for the last 2 years, I've been building the growth marketing agency that I wish I had when I was in-house.

I share more on: www.twitter.com/alvinding & https://alvinding.substack.com/ 
Knowledge offerings: www.adsbyalvin.com
Who I am: www.linkedin.com/in/alvinding

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[Guide] 10+ Hook Ideas to Spike CTR

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